How to Convert Airtel 3G SIM into 4G

Airtel is overhauling its system for quick web speed and improved nature of GSM and voice call administrations. In the event that you are getting more slow web speed on your Airtel number, you can update your 3G SIM into 4G. Airtel made this procedure simpler through an online entrance where Airtel client can demand for the 4G SIM at home, and 4G SIM will get conveyed to at your location inside 7 days after the solicitation.

There are two different ways elective ways other than online procedure, through which you can change your Airtel 3G number into 4G. It is possible that you can visit the closest Airtel store or retailer shop. There is no administration charge for this administration, you can supplant your Airel number liberated from cost. However, first of you can evaluate an online procedure. In the event that your sim doesn’t get conveyed at your area in 7 days, you can change your sim through elective techniques. Simply follow the beneath procedure to demand online for 4G SIM at your home.

Step by step instructions to Request Online to Upgrade Airtel 3G SIM into 4G

Stage 1) Open the Web address in the program. ( sim)

Stage 2) It will request to enter your SIM conveyance subtleties. Fill the necessary detail and present a solicitation.

Stage 3) The procedure will take 48-72 hour to convey SIM at your home.

After conveyance of another Airtel 4G sim card at your area, you have to follow the underneath steps to initiate.

Stage 4) You have to send a SMS from your Airtel number.

Stage 5) Type in message box SIM<20 digit New SIM number> and send it on 121 from your airtel portable. The 20 digit SIM number is accessible at the rear of your new SIM card.

Stage 6) Reply 1 when an affirmation message will get at your number,

Stage 7) This procedure will take a couple of hours to begin administration, your current SIM will stop. When that occurs, embed the new SIM and trust that the system will appear.

In the event that you are confronting a sort of issue simultaneously, you can visit your closest Airtel store or retailer shop to redesign your sim into 4G. For any question identified with all Airtel item and administrations, approach Airtel client service helpline number.

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