How to Transfer Airtel 3G/4G Internet Data Balance

Ordinarily we have to share airtel web offset with our loved ones number. Presently you can share your Airtel 3G/4G Internet information balance on another airtel portable number. Airtel began net parity move administration for the assistance of clients who need to share additional information parity to another airtel number. Be that as it may, ensure that both ought to have Airtel SIM.

In the event that you need to move airtel information balance from boundless web packs. Airtel doesn’t offer to move boundless information balance. You need to initiate little web pack other than boundless web packs that you can share to another airtel number.

Note – Some people groups need to move their Airtel net parity to another system number. We need to give them data that the administration doesn’t serve on another system. It implies you can share web information parity to a similar system number on a similar circle.

Share/Transfer your 3G/4G data with My Airtel App.

  • Download My Airtel App.
  • Presently Signup account and check otp with your Airtel versatile number
  • Presently open the application and visit the Family Share choice.
  • share airtel information
  • You can include the relative from the application.
  • Ensure your information pack balance is accessible.
  • Presently select the family and offer the information.

Offer/Transfer your 3G/4G information with your family and companions

1. Include loved ones Member in the rundown by SMS

  1. As a matter of first importance, communicate something specific “Offer” to 121
  2. You will get a message like “Now share your 3G/4G offset with any 4 individuals”
  3. To VIEW your family, SMS VIEW to 121.
  4. Presently Add relative number in the rundown. Where you need to send your 3G balance
  5. To ADD another part: SMS ADD<space><10 digit portable no> to 121
  6. At the point when you will Add relative in the rundown, at that point you will get an affirmation message
  7. To DELETE a part, SMS DEL<space><10 digit versatile no> to 121
  8. At that point you will get an affirmation message this way.
  9. Coming up next are the individuals from your My airtel family and your part contact number will show.

Presently your companion can utilize your information balance, just empower information and surf the web. You can’t impart a particular measure of information to your companion. On the off chance that you are as yet confronting an issue, you can approach Airtel client care number.

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