How to Activate/Deactivate Idea DND Service | 2021

Consistently you have seen this system administrator send limited time calls and SMS every day on your number. These special SMS alert baffle our brain and irritating on the grounds that the system organization sends these limited time calls and message a lot of time in a day. On the off chance that you need don’t to get these calls and SMS on your number, you can actuate DND (Do Not Disturb) administration that permits clients to hinder every single undesirable call and SMS on your Idea versatile number.


Thought DND (Do Not Disturb) administration is a simple method to initiate and deactivate these Idea undesirable calls and SMS on your Idea portable number. Telecom arrange supplier organization send special messages on the accompanying themes, so you can hinder every limited time message or it is possible that you can set inclination.

(1) Banking/Insurance/Financial items/charge cards.

(2) Real Estate.

(3) Education.

(4) Health.

(5) Consumer merchandise and cars.

(6) Idea Products and Services/Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT.

(7) Tourism and Leisure.

(0) Fully Blocked.

The most effective method to Activate Deactivate Idea DND Service

In the event that you are another client and don’t have a clue how to initiate DND administration on your Idea number. Simply send beneath offered message to hinder all spam calls and SMS on your number.

Category & Description
0 – Fully blocked Registration
0 – Fully blocked START 0 to 1909
Partially Blocked
1 – for receiving SMS relating to Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards START 1 to 1909
2 – for receiving SMS relating to Real Estate START 2 to 1909
3 – for receiving SMS relating to Education START 3 to 1909
4 – for receiving SMS relating to Health START 4 to 1909
5 – for receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and automobiles START 5 to 1909
6 – for receiving SMS relating to Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT START 6 to 1909
7 – for receiving SMS relating to Tourism and Leisure START 7 to 1909

You may choose multiple categories. Ex. SMS <START 1,2,3> to 1909

  • SMS “START <Option>” or “START <Option>, <Option>” to enlist your inclination for accepting specific classes of limited time SMS’, to 1909.
  • In the event that you need to stop all advancements, SMS “START 0” to 1909.
  • Or on the other hand you could enlist through our devoted IVR at 1909, from your Idea versatile or landline telephone

Limited time calls and messages will stop on your Idea portable number inside 7 days from enlistment. You will get a Unique reference number, through SMS, for your records or it is possible that you can follow the connection to initiate Idea DND administration from the site.

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